14 Aug 2020
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About Compulogic
Since its formation Compulogic has been dedicated to providing innovative data communications based solutions for both large and small organisations.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team have been working together for more than 20 years and are committed to providing cost effective and timely solutions based on our standard products and bespoke designs. A sound technical knowledge, combined with the ability to work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand both commercial and technical requirements, ensures that our customers derive maximum benefit from their investment.

Key business areas include:

Design & Development of Embedded Communications & Internet Technology
    Through a range of standard products based on Compulogic’s PicoServ technology we provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ modular system aimed at providing straightforward solutions for “web enabling” existing and new systems and equipment.

Through our  engineering services we can offer custom software design, hardware design and manufacturing to provide application specific network and Internet connectivity solutions.

Solutions for Remote Control and Data Acquisition Systems
    An engineering service specialising in the design and provision of systems for remote monitoring, control and data acquisition utilising GSM/GPRS/SMS and web solutions.
Communications Consultancy Services

Compulogic provides a professional consultancy service in the following areas:

- Embedded Internet Technology
- Messaging Systems
- Satellite Data Communications Systems


Our aim is to help our clients discover what is possible and what is not. We do not cultivate dependency; rather our aim is to help our clients become independent whilst rethinking the value of their communications networks in this new era of abundant infrastructure.

Compulogic Limited is based in Northamptonshire, UK.