7 Jul 2020
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PicoServ HDI
A low cost, web server module with 48 programmable digital I/O ports, an integrated Ethernet interface, RS232 serial interface and EEPROM file system.
PicoServ HDI MOdule
PicoServ HDI MOdule
The PicoServ HDI miniature web server module is an ‘Internet engine’ designed to be able to provide a web browser based interface over a LAN or the internet in a small space, at low power, at low cost and with minimal design effort.

The PicoServ HDI supports dynamic web pages enabling reading and writing of the I/O port values from a standard web browser.

Dynamic web pages are supported using an innovative and simple to use method which allows the real-world input and output port
values to be displayed or changed using only simple HTML techniques.

The EEPROM file storage area can support almost any type of file including HTML, GIF, JPEG, and JAVA, and means that only standard web authoring techniques are required to
provide an eloquent and professional browser based interface for almost any system.
Digital I/O Ports
PicoServ HDI provides 48 on-board Digital I/O ports, programmable as inputs or outputs.
The TTL level ports have a 50mA sink/source drive capability per output and a maximum
drive of 600mA per module.
The digital I/O ports may be read, set or configured using either the built-in web server or
alternatively via a simple UDP interface.

RS232 Serial Port
A general purpose full duplex asynchronous RS232 serial port allows communication with
an off-board RS232 device. Web browser or UDP/SCPI commands can be used to send
data to and read data from the serial port.

IEE 488.2 / SCPI Interface
In addition to the internal web server the PicoServ HDI module implements an IEE 488.2
/ SCPI over IP/UDP protocol for reading and setting the digital I/O ports and other system
parameters from applications other than a web browser. The IEE 488 / SCPI command
structure makes integration of the PicoServ HDI into test and measurement environments
particularly straight forward.