7 Jul 2020
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Surge Arrester CB-4 (6V)
Lightning Surge Protection Device for
Data Communications Equipment
CB-4 Serge Arrester
CB-4 Serge Arrester
The Compulogic CB-4 lightning surge arrester is designed to protect data communications equipment installed in locations where there is a high risk of equipment damage due to lightning induced surges.
The Compulogic CB-4 provides protection for up to 4 data circuits or 2 x twisted pair signals and is typically installed in series with the data signal lines at a point close to where the cable enters the building or enclosure. Combining both ultra-fast transient suppression semiconductors and ultra high current gas discharge technology the unit offers a high degree of protection from high voltage and high current surges induced into the external cables by nearby lightning strikes.

Provides repeated protection in lightning intense environments
Self resetting design
Low let-through voltage between all lines
Low in-line resistance
35mm DIN rail or bulkhead mounting
4 signal wires protected (2 x twisted pair)
Screen terminal
Substantial earth stud enables effective earthing